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Industrial flooring specialists UK. Concrete flooring. Trust Construction. Completed warehouse floor.

The Benefits of Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring will provide your business with a number of advantages that will add real value to your operations. Foremost amongst these is the durability of concrete. This strength and durability make it appropriate for all kinds of heavy loads, which is important if you operate a warehouse or carpark. If you value speed you will also find that concrete flooring is relatively quick to install and you will be able to use the floor in no time at all. In addition, concrete flooring is very easy to clean, resistant to fire and is excellent in reducing damp.

We specialise in concrete flooring for service yards, warehouses, industrial and retail spaces. We also have the capacity to install 2000m² of concrete in one session, meaning that we can have your flooring finished in no time at all. If you would like to learn more about concrete and our specialist industrial flooring services, please get in touch with us at Trust Construction Nationwide.

The Concrete Flooring Process

The first stage would be for us to work with your engineers, designers and/or architects to understand your project and your goals. Once we have a detailed understanding of your objectives we can then get to work.

The next stage is to set up and pour the concrete slabs, after which we finish these with either a power float or a channel float finish. The floors will then be sprayed with a curing agent to ensure strength, before a saw is cut through it. The external concrete floorings can have different finishes such as a brush finish, tamp finish or a combed finish.

For both the internal and external flooring the concrete is distributed from concrete wagons. Each type of finish has its own benefits and we can advise you on these if you need advice as to what would be right for your business.

To learn more about the concrete flooring process, get in touch with us for further details about our specialist industrial flooring services.


Industrial flooring specialists UK. Concrete flooring. Trust Construction. Commercial concrete floor in progress.


Examples Of Our Work


Concrete Flooring Is Perfect For



The ease with which concrete flooring can be cleaned and maintained makes it ideal for stables, barns and grain stores.

Commercial and Retail

Concrete flooring provides a neat finish to many kinds of restaurants, offices and retail spaces. The colour and texture of concrete will be sure to give your premises a unique feel that your employees and/or customers will love. 


Concrete flooring is used extensively across a number of industries because of its amazing strength and durability. It is tough, dense and can withstand substantial weight, which is perfect if your business frequently uses industrial vehicles.



Forklift traffic means that warehouse floors require serious durability and that is what concrete provides. Long lasting and easy to maintain we can install concrete flooring with minimal interruption to your operations.

Service Yards

Concrete flooring is ideal for service yards as it is economical, strong and requires little maintenance. Even with sustained and heavy usage, concrete is strong enough without the need for steel reinforcement.



Why Choose Trust Construction Nationwide for Your Concrete Flooring

We have been helping businesses improve their operations for more than two decades. We are dedicated to excellent work and strive to complete this within your stated deadlines. We use the best materials and products, the latest state of the art equipment and always adhere to all health and safety regulations, so you can have total peace of mind about the quality of our work.


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Industrial flooring specialists UK. Concrete flooring. Trust Construction. Small concrete floor project.


If you would like further details about concrete flooring, please get in touch with us at Trust Construction Nationwide for specialist industrial flooring services.

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